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Italia Garden



Fruit Gel Body Massages

Fruit Massages combine the physical & emotional well-being. Extracts of fresh fruit juices and photo-endorphins from monks Pepper Berry extracts are the key ingredients of the massage system.

Our fruit gel massages work on the nervous system to stimulate natural regeneration whilst providing a pleasant feeling wellness.

Combining emollient plant oils with the finest cold pressed and steam distilled essential oils to positively improve the skin, soul & senses.

GREEN APPLE ~ Detoxifying, balances the emotional states, giving peace & calm.

MELON ~ Lymph-draining, balance the nervous system, stimulating change.

RED GRAPE ~ Shaping action, balance the emotional states giving the right charge of energy.

100% natural products. Made in Italy. No parabens or silicone

60min Massage $140

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